We know what you're thinking.

"How do I know if I need a coordinator versus a planner?"

Think of your wedding planner as your therapist, confidant, best cousin and life skill coach wrapped into a guide that sifts through the bull shit. We know so much about your schedule, personal relationships and professional accomplishments. We make sure you are able to break wedding planning hearsay, by enjoying your pre-wedding experiences.

I want you to view your wedding coordinator as your type A best friend, who will dedicate innumerable hours to comb through each piece to make sure your results are impeccable.


Planning a wedding is an investment.

We are glad the common knowledge is out there, and the obvious has been stated.

We have planned weddings with a total cost of $8,000, and we have also planned weddings with a total cost of $75,000.

We can plan a wedding under any budget. We cannot plan a FLWE wedding under any budget.

Venue location depicts pricing always, with your personal preference adding on to the price. We recommend you have a full investment figure in mind prior to your consultation.


There is more to the marriage than the wedding.

Planning your wedding is hard work, and it is SOOOOOO worth it.

The average relationship time with our couples is 12 months. We are cheerleaders in your life for at least 365 days. Because we know this, we make sure to weave the goal of longevity, growth and happiness throughout our planning sessions.

Sometimes this means we cheer you up from your friends/family letting you down. We may have to push the next planning meeting by fifteen minutes, so you can vent. Vendors you thought you loved may let you down. Work makes situations harder for you to not only plan but have personal time to yourself. Sometimes you feel like you're planning by yourself.

You are not alone. We will always be here for you. We will always understand.


We plan with work-life balance in mind.

The work feels suffocating, when you want to check each box on the list all at the same time.

We are here to tell you that it does not matter how fast we move, how fast you read, or how soon you can be available, there is no guarantee that vendor will respond to our email today, tomorrow or next week.

We do not apply stressors onto your tasks. Your month-to-month completion plan is designed for us to be ahead of the game.

Enjoy your engagement! We love to see your smiles.