Timeless Experiences And Romance

Hello! My name is Fancy. I am the owner and lead planner of Fancy Lane Weddings.

I made the decision to start FLW in 2019. At that time I was in the industry for about 7 years, I noticed there was something missing - information accessibility & open conversations to merge old customs with a new way of thinking.

Your wedding celebration with Fancy Lane Weddings is where we unapologetically tailor the details of your wedding to what you like and who you are as a couple!

My background in advertising & marketing design, wedding planning & production, business and corporate events is the reason why we aspire for the one of a kind and timeless.

No sugar coating here. If you feel like your event is not important enough to know the details, 



Fancy Lane Weddings is a boutique wedding planning company known for our ability to brand each client's experience to who they are and what they enjoy.

The FLW coordination, planning and design experience starts with our team as your champion and guide, contributing reliable recommendations and years of experience from the first phone call to wedding day execution.

We are the investment you will always receive a positive return on. We love supporting our couples who focus on the experience and self investment to build healthy habits.

We focus on the planning support because coordinators are life. Having a wedding coordinator means healthy boundaries, stress-free planning, and self-care. Your planner aka Fancy will begin working through the details with you based on the planning package selected.

FLW will lead you, your wedding party and the team the day of. Your coordinator is assigned and introduced to you 30 days prior to the big event!

Many FLW couples enjoy traveling due to their profession and hobbies. Because of this, FLW has had the opportunity to travel with a few of their couples to execute their wedding dreams, from a custom backyard wedding in South Padre Island to Garden of the Gods!