The Fancy Lane Weddings & Events full-service and partial service wedding planning is about celebrating traditions while honoring your couple goals, savoring family values and designing a bespoke memorable experience.

Hello! My name is Fancy. I am the owner and lead planner of Fancy Lane Weddings & Events.

Many of the Fancy Lane Couples enjoy travelling, due to their profession and hobbies. Because of this, we have had the opportunity to travel along with our couples to execute their wedding dreams (from South Padre Island to Colorado Springs). We will continue to travel with you.

We specialize in timeless experiences and romance. It would not be us without weaving the warmth and detail that completes your fairytale.

I am an overachiever. I strive for all of my couples to enjoy their wedding planning process, incorporate time to still date one another and plan for their goals after the marriage.

It is not just about the wedding events here. We care about the marriage. Structure is everything. Every move made is intentional. Because of this, we improve an area within our business structure every year to make meeting these goals easier.

We are your tribe and will always unapologetically tailor your wedding plans to what you want and no one else.