All About Us

We sincerely THANK YOU for CHOOSING US to be your champion. Being the guide and day of team for your day is a lot of responsibility and trust. We thank you for hand picking the Fancy Lane Weddings Experience with this amount of trust. This will always be an honor eternally.

The Ronin 2 Fancy Lane Weddings Lead Planner


Fancy Lane Weddings is a boutique wedding planning company known for our ability to brand each client's experience to who they are and what they enjoy.

The FLW coordination, planning and design process starts with our team as your champion and guide, contributing reliable recommendations and years of experience from the first phone call to wedding day execution.

We are the investment you will always receive a positive return on. We love supporting our couples who focus on the experience and self investment to build healthy habits.

Hello! My name is Fancy. I am the owner and lead planner of Fancy Lane Weddings.

When I was a Director of Catering and Sales at a historical property in Michigan, I made the decision to build a working resourcing for couples in love searching for unbiased transparency on how to spend their money for fun and within budget goals.

"In 2017, I focused more on making the wedding experience beautiful, stress-free + memorable. This has allowed me to connect with over 250 couples and counting."

This lady (a.k.a. me) has planned over 900 events of all types - business meetings, trainings, festivals, luncheons, brunches, specialty dinners, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, cocktail hours (you name it!).

Aside from leading this company, I am a Navy wife to the sweetest anime lover and mother to a very tenacious son.