Treat Yourself Girlie!!

Wedding Planner Or


Is A Delight  You 

Don't Skip

At FLW, we are all about treating ourselves. This could be dessert, a Lemon Drop Martini, orrrr a handbag.🥰

We would like you to think of your WEDDING DAY COORDINATOR like a good cocktail - the recipe is the same no matter the location, it lasts for a short period of time and it will always serve you what you need.

Your WEDDING PLANNER is your favorite designer bag that you take everywhere - what you want from it is what depicts the investment, in it with you for a long time and curated to pair with your design and vibe.

We know what you're thinking.



And when you need MORE PLANNING SUPPORT!



No matter what, 

we are DESIGNED for you - eliminating your stress, promoting the fun and personalizing your wedding experiences, even down to confirming your date and placing a deposit.

STEP 1 - Coordination and/or Planning Support?

Decide on your wedding professional journey that matches your budget goals, behind the scenes needs and event energy. Are you looking for coordination only or more planning presence?

STEP 2 - Inquire

STEP 3 - Proposal Received

Review your proposal and ask any questions.

STEP 4 - Deposit & Signed Contract Complete

Your FLW Planner will reach out and communicate expectations and next steps.

STEP 5 - We are stuck like glue! (and wouldn't have it any other way)😍

All of your juicy details are collected and your wedding day timeline is created.